About Us

A Guitar tech completely fanatic about getting excellent results!


Cowan Guitars started in 2018 after creator Alex Cowan decided to take his passion for stringed instruments to the next level and start his career as a guitar technician.

Alex started out modifying his own guitars, and his curiosity led to him being a content creator on YouTube (his channel is alexrcowan), and evolved to fixing guitars for friends and family. This evolution has led to Cowan  Guitars, where Alex dedicates his efforts into making his customers' instruments truly come to life for their owners, whether that be through tailored setups or radical modification!

As a reflection of its owner, Cowan Guitars' work is characterised by extreme attention to detail and dedication to making the instrument work for the musician, rather than the musician work for the instrument!

We take pride in being very open and accessible when it comes to our processes and work. So please, feel free to get in contact if you have any questions! If there's one thing we love, it's talking guitars and basses!