Upgrade your T-style guitar with major tone upgrades!


This Super Tele Wiring Harness Kit by Cowan Guitars has been designed to get the utmost out of your 2 single coil pickup t-style guitar setup!


Here is the list of upgrades you get by swapping in this harness for your old one:


1 - 5 Way Super Switch. 5 way switching unlocks 2 additional useful tonalities for your guitar. While you will still get the standard bridge pickup, both pickups and neck pickup positions, you also will now get both pickups in series, and both pickups out-of-phase.


2 - Quality CTS 250K Audio taper volume pot with treble bleed. A sprague 0.001uf capacitor wired in parallel with a 120K resistor drastically improves the functionality of the volume pot by making a more useable volume sweep by keeping the highs your sound. No more muddy tone after rolling past 8!


3 - No Load 250K CTS Tone Pot. at 10 - the volume pot has no load on the circuit and is effectively removed from the guitar circuit all together, whci means you will lose less highs. At 9-0, the pot works as a normal tone pot, so you get the best of both worlds of effectively having a guitar with or without a tone pot. A sprague 0.047uf capacitor is used for the tone capacitor.


4 - Switchcraft Mono Output Jack. A high quality jack is always important, these switchcraft jacks are an industry standard for a reason.


Apart from these electronic upgrades, this full wiring harness kit comes already loaded on a quality Gotoh plate with Gotoh metal knobs for the volume and tone controls. Also has a traditional t-style black switch tip. This allows the kit to be a quick swap drop in kit (make sure your t-style guitar is compatible with the Gotoh CP-10 plate, or modifications to the guitar may be required).


For those who do not need the plate, knobs, or switch tip (or if the hardware is incompatible with your guitar) the wiring harness is available for purchase without the hardware (please be aware that if the pots aren't to be mounted to a metal control plate, you will need to add additional grounding wire/s).


To help with installation, the purchase of this kit also comes with pdf installation manual and wiring diagrams (emailed to associated email address upon order). 


While the kit is designed to be as straightforward as possible to install, at least some knowledge and skill in soldering is highly recommended. Installing this kit is done at your own risk, and damage to components of your guitar can occur if installed incorrectly. If in doubt, take this kit and your guitar to a professional for installation.


Each kit is made to order, so expect the item to be shipped within 5 working days of purchase. 


*Please note these order times are subject to change due to current part availability owing to the current COVID-19 epidemic. Feel free to get in contact before ordering for availability*


IMPORTANT: Please be sure that the components will be suitable and compatible for your guitar before purchasing. In order for correct installation, the switch requires a cavity depth of 36.5mm, 41.3mm mounting screw spacing and a 27mm long slot. Pots require 9.52mm diamater holes in control plate and jack requires 9.53 hole on jack cup. If unsure about your guitar, feel free to get in contact to make sure the harness is compatible.


If you are an international customer (not from Australia) please get in contact to organise a shipping quote!

Super Tele Wiring Harness Kit